Monday, April 20, 2009


Monday, April 20, 2009

Obama White House, Eric Holder's Department of Justice Targeting a Holocaust Against Medical Marijuana Caregivers, Growers, Suppliers and Users.

The Department of justice has made it official that they intend on cracking down on anyone involved in the Medical Marijuana industry, regardless of the states laws on Medical Marijuana.

Needless to say, this is seriously bad news...question is, can the Medical Marijuana Movement do anything if we continue to sit on our hands...letter writing is NOT WORKING, while media coverage WILL WORK. We wrote letters, contacted our elected officials, prayed, and that DID NOT END THE VIETNAM WAR...taking to the streets, being in the NEWS EVERY FREAKING NIGHT ended that war. It will take that same effort to end the wrongful WAR ON DRUGS, and the sooner we come to this realization, the better off we will all be.

We have 25 million cannabis smokers across is my belief, my contention that we are not going to get any POSITIVE forward movement on Medical Marijuana or on cannabis legalization any time soon unless we organize and MARCH, and I am talking in LARGE NUMBERS. You put half a million people on the streets in say five major cities...New York, Washington, Los Angeles, San Francisco and Chicago would work...and you will see movement and action. You have smaller groups of us picking up our protest signs and taking to the streets, and we will get action. You call a million person Woodstock like SMOKE IN down on Washington, DC, and YOU WILL PUSH THE ISSUE.

How many more people need sent to prison before we all wake up to the reality that drastic actions are required here? The war on drugs has lasted SEVENTY YEARS because WE HAVE ALLOWED IT TO LAST. If states have voted to have LEGAL Medical Marijuana, then they have a duty to PROTECT those citizens in their states that did everything by the books according to state law, and that includes using local, state police, and if necessary the State National Guard to evict the DEA from their cities, to chain shut Federal Court Houses. Arnold has the ability in California to DRAW THE LINE IN THE SAND, but he does not have the balls to do it. That leaves it up to the 420 Community to demand real change, to MARCH FOR OUR CIVIL RIGHTS.

Showing up for sentencing on the 23rd of Charles Lynch...that is all nice and well, but it is NOT GOING TO DO ANY GOOD, he is still going to be handcuffed, dragged up to prison for up to ONE HUNDRED YEARS...chain shut the court house, encircle it in PEACEFUL PROTEST with so many people that the courthouse has no choice but to SHUT DOWN, that will get attention on this issue, give these victims of the goosestepping agents of the DEA a fighting chance for justice. Face it WAR YOU FIGHT, OR YOU LOSE.

Obama is not scaling back the war on drugs, HE IS TURNING UP THE HEAT, the DEA and Eric Holder's Department of Justice are looking for the easy to pluck low hanging fruit, and that low hanging fruit makes every Medical Marijuana user, grower, supplier and caregiver A TARGET in all 13 states that have laws allowing Medical Marijuana use. Charles, Tom Kikuchi, Stephanie Landa, Dustin many more of your friends, your compatriots are going to be scooped up by the BLACK HAND of the DEA before you realize this is a HOLOCAUST aimed at and against ten percent of Americans Citizens?

We have how many Pot Smokers on TWITTER? Where are my Budding Bloggers, at least one in every state so that we can network and have INSTANT communications to get stories out? Where is every smoker on Twitter joining up and participating in the Medical Marijuana Society Network? We need to GET SERIOUS PEOPLE, and I hope this Blog Message is the start of a NATIONAL CALL TO ACTION.

Sign up, volunteer, get involved...we need ACTIVIST, and being an ACTIVISTS MEANS DOING SOMETHING BESIDES LIGHTING UP A BLUNT.

Places You Can PLUG IN TOO...we can build the tools, but if 420 Folk do not join and use them, what good are they?

Medical Marijuana Society
Medical Marijuana Society Network
Medical Marijuana Message Board
Budding Bloggers
ASA (Americans for Safe Access)
Track Marijuana News...follow us on Twitter!

Link to this message, cut and paste it to your blogs!

Before you say you are too busy to get involved...what if you are next on the DEA's list as they TARGET OUR COMMUNITY? Short on time...then GIVE MONEY, as it takes money to organize and advertise! Think about it...if every Pot Smoker in America DONATED TEN DOLLARS A MONTH TO THE CAUSE, we would have $250 Million EACH MONTH to wage war against our oppressors...that buys a lot of advertising, hires a lot of lobbyists, and could FUND OUR MARCHES! Yes, I am ANGRY...this war has lasted seventy years, and it is time WE END IT.

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